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Gearhart History

Marvin Gearhart graduated from Kansas State Univeristy with a BS degree in mechanical engineering, concentrating in petroleum. He started his oilfield career shortly thereafter as a Wireline logging engineer with Welex Jet Servies in Fort Worth Texas.

Gearhart and Harrold Owen formed Gearhart Industries, The GO Company (formerly GO Oil Well Services, Gearhart-Owen Industries) a wireline and perforation service provider, as well as a manufacturer of logging trucks and tools for the global industry. This company was operating in 27 countries around the world and had more than 13,600 employees at its peak in 1984.

Gearhart-Owen Industries, Inc. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Inc. (GOI).

Marvin Gearhart served as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer on the subject of MWD.





Gearhart Industries, Inc. was sold to Halliburton.

Gearhart begins his focus on Rock Bit International, later to be renamed Gearhart RBI, and this company specialized in building drilling bits and tools.
Gearhart RBI is sold and Marvin started The Gearhart Companies, which is currently operating and specializes in drilling tools and systems designed for vertical and horizontal drilling.

Gearhart was one of five SPE members honord with its first Legends of Drilling Award. Also in 2008 Marvin was awarded the Legends Medal Award by the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers.

Marvin Gearhart, 1978