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Marvin Gearhart founded the Gearhart Companies in 2005 to utilize the latest technology and develop new ideas and tools for directional surveying and drilling. Gearhart has been a name synomymous with technical innovation for over half a century and is committed to giving customer satisfaction.

Since Gearhart develops, manufactures, and services our own tools, we are able to pass on the advantage of low costs, high quality, accurate tools along with the quality service Gearhart has always been renowned for.

Gearhart leases and operates survey tools throughout Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. We offer statutory directional reporting and survey quality control.

Gearhart Leading Technology

Geo-Shot Deviation Tool
Geo-Shot II Angle/Azimuth Tool
High Temperature Tools
MWD Angle Only (Development)
MWD Angle/Azimuth (Development)