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Geo-Shot® Drift Tool
Geo-Shot® is a simple and easy to operate single shot, inclination only survey tool that is downloaded at surface via a push button LCD control box with printer. The Geo-Shot® inclination survey tool is a solid-state instrument using rugged dual-axis accelerometers and field proven designs to obtain accurate readings of borehole inclination and downhole temperature.

Geo-Shot® Multishot
Geo-Shot® Multishot is a simple and easy to operate mulishot, inclination only survey tool. The Geo-Shot® Multishot can be run on slickline, pumped down or dropped on final trip to save rig time. The Geo-Shot tool has a high G-Shock rating (1500G) and pressure rating (20K psi) and is very rugged.

Geo-Shot II Magnetic Tool
Geo-Shot II is the industry leading, compact, high accuracy, electronic magnetic single shot survey tool. Geo-Shot II is a wireline retrievable memory tool providing inclination, azimuth and temperature measurements. Geo-Shot II is programmed and downloaded via dedicated PC with an easy to follow touch-screen operating system.

Geo-Shot II Multishot
The Geo-Shot II Multi-Shot tool is a field proven and highly popular. The Geo-Shot II Angle/Azimuth tool is now available as a full Multi-Shot system. With all the feattures of the standard tool and with extended memory for up to 32,000 survey shots and programmable survey intervals.

A high temperature version of both tools is available upon request.